Biting the bullet

The first time I read about another little boy named Samson, I knew that I had to blog.  For months, years now, I’ve been perfectly content spending my lunch break (and let’s be honest, first 20 minutes in the office, last 20 of the workday too) shuffling through a too-long list of blogs I read.  It’s an addiction, really.

But seeing my son’s name attached to another handsome boy? Well, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and just start writing.  Journaling, with real paper and pen, is such a noble effort, but one I only do a handful of times a year.  Typing is so much faster, plus there’s the “backspace” bar!  Pen and paper are not so forgiving.

So in an effort to document a few heres and theres of my family’s life, let’s begin.


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