NYC sibling weekend

Tip: Stay in NJ and take the bus over to Manhattan (lands you right near Times Square).  Saves a bundle of money, and you’ll end up staying in a much nicer hotel.

We headed to NYC over Labor Day weekend as an extended 21st birthday celebration for my youngest brother. As this was his first time in the Big Apple, he had a few requests: visiting some of the famous Seinfeld locales, having a celebratory drink at an Irish pub, and checking out a jazz club. He’s easy to please 🙂

We delivered on most fronts.  After a Saturday full of city walking, our rural legs were worn out so we skipped the jazz club. How DO women wear high heels all day? Also, I’m out of shape.

We spent Sunday at the US Open.  For $65 you can purchase General Admission tickets; after 7 solid hours of tennis, you definitely get your money’s worth (and we even left early). I’m still thinking about the taco salad Steve and I split. So good. I was a miserable group member due to allergies which got the best of me that day. Tennis is one of the most respectful sports, meaning it’s also one of the quietest ones for a spectator.  Meaning that my sneezing and sniffles were heard by all around me; even Samson’s babbling was quieter!

Battery Park was a highlight; the breezy sea air was cool, the views were gorgeous even for a cloudy day, and we may have even seen a non-tourist (hard to accomplish on a holiday weekend).

Tips for little ones: plan on bringing a streamlined stroller (good for getting through subway stiles) and expect to change a diaper anywhere except a changing table (park benches are good).  Nursing in Central Park was peaceful, and a nice break from the hubbub of the City.

All in all, a great weekend. If it wasn’t for Jameson and Paige’s great navigation skills, I think we’d still be trying to get off at the right subway stop.  I was happy to return to my slow-paced life, where I don’t have to pay $5 for a water bottle.


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