Nine months in, nine months out.









Nine months in the womb, and now nine months outside.  Crazy how fast that time flies.  You have been developing in leaps and bounds this past month; we’re literally just trying to keep up some days! We’ve truly loved each new stage, and think parenthood is a whole lot of fun most days 🙂 

Stats: Not much to report here – check-up scheduled for next week; we will know more then. My guess is that your height is still near the top of the charts, seeing that your 9 month pants look more like capris these days (sorry kid). You’ve still got quite the gummy grin – I adore that, and am totally okay that you don’t have any teeth yet (plus, we have yet to see how that will affect nursing).

Eats: You are sailing past the purees, and diving into finger foods.  New this month: asparagus, red potatoes, monterey jack cheese, puffs and cheerios, and all kinds of cut-up fruit.  Every once in a while you’ll take a pureed meal, but when you’re over it? Watch out! Your new trick is to raise your hands up right when the spoon is about to enter your mouth = food everywhere!! Mealtime is messier nowadays, yet completely worth it to see you exploring new foods. I think you may have a more sensitive stomach like your daddy, so we’re going slow.  While you’ve added all kinds of eats, you’re still nursing like a champ – mornings are our favorite time for that.

New Tricks: Saturday you climbed up the entire flight of stairs! (with us close at hand) If you only knew how tall and skinny our old stairs are – but you are not to be deterred.  You then proceeded to climb up the attic stairs to Uncle Joel’s bedroom, which are even more tall and skinny! Your daddy is helping you figure out how to go back down the stairs.  We broke down and bought a baby gate, which you’re not too keen on.  But I’m afraid this is the only way I can get us both ready and out the door in the mornings.  You are pulling up and cruising on everything these days, and have discovered cupboards! They open! And close! And so do doors! It’s hilarious to watch you slam a door shut, and then proceed to cry because now you’re in, and you want to be out.

Sounds: You love to talk and sing, especially after eating, in the car, during the liturgical prayers at church (“shhh” hasn’t registered with you yet), and while your mommy plays the piano.  Your quietest moments are during walks outside when you’re taking everything in, and while someone reads to you (until you’re done reading, and you make that pretty clear by pushing the book away and arching your back to get down).  Favorite phrase is still baba, and we actually think you’ve made the connection that I’m mama just in the past few days.  We’re working on dada next!

Likes: Being outside. Playing peekaboo with daddy, and being thrown in the air. Paper – paper towels, junk mail, shopping lists, toilet paper, newspaper – you love it all, and eating it for that matter. Dr. Seuss storytime with your dad; sometimes he reads to you from one book while you hold a different one. Bathtime – still a favorite.

Dislikes: Having your diaper changed – oh the nerve! Clothing changes for that matter. Having your nails clipped, which means that you are accidentally scratching yourself more these days.

You are one of the happiest little campers I know.  You love to smile at strangers and family/friends alike, and you save your biggest grins for Uncle Joel and Daddy. While you’re currently most content to be held by your mama, I know this is a phase and you’ll soon be comfortable around your other favorite folks. We all love you so very much, little man.


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