Weekend perspective.

Phew, that weekend was a doozy.  I went into the weekend as a sick sick sick lady, and it didn’t let up (still hasn’t).  Add to that my husband’s work hours – check this out: Friday 5:30 AM – Saturday 2:30 AM, and then Saturday 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Every time they wrap up a project, crazy hours ensue.  He’s such a hard worker, and still takes time to show love in the margins.  Case in point?  He started on the dishes before he left for work Friday morning….before 5 AM. He’s a keeper 😉

So I’m sick, hubby working, no big deal.  We’ve done that before. But add to that my (normally peppy) baby, who didn’t seem to sleep a wink for three nights. We believe teething is the culprit, poor guy.  Inconsolable crying, up for an hour at a time, wouldn’t even nurse for comfort, arching his back and moving all around.  And then when he joined our bed and did want to snuggle in and fall asleep, his movements would cause me to start coughing again, uncontrollably, hence stirring him from any potential slumber. We were a mess.

But you know what? I am still thankful for the days. We fit SO MUCH into the weekend. I knew that if I sat still, I’d realize how exhausted I was and get more frustrated that Samson wouldn’t nap or sleep at night. Instead we went to the farmers market, took hour long walks around midtown, kept the windows open and wore long sleeves (I love fall!), and cleaned cleaned cleaned – I’ve spread my sickly germs all over the place. Steve made his momma’s famous pizza dough, we shared huge bowls of salad, I found the best root beer, and we discovered that frozen mango puree is great for Samson’s sore gums. We walked to the pharmacy twice for homeopathic drops and tylenol, and then browsed the greeting card aisle for 15 minutes, walking home with $25 in cards. $25. Steve loves a witty card. I did find time during one father-son nap to slip out and buy groceries – I’m really awful at the forced naps, which is what I should have been doing! (“Nap while the baby naps.”) There’s too much pressure to fall asleep RIGHT. NOW. because you have this small window of time when the little one slumbers and if you miss it you won’t get a chance again until midnight, and on and on it goes…so I didn’t nap.

Samson did wake up at 6:00 am this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, so here’s hoping for better sleep this week! And if he doesn’t, there’s always prayer and coffee.

check out that bed head this morning


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