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Oh for a book.

In the newborn days, I spent many hours devouring books on attachment parenting, feeding, sleeping, milestones, the works. Then as the weeks went by and I felt more confident in my parenting, I stopped opening those books as frequently, and found myself drawn to rereading novels from my childhood (such as Little Women). I’ve never been one to repeat a novel, so that was a bit unusual for me.

I work from home on Wednesdays, and normally use my lunch hour to strap Samson into the stroller and walk to our local library. Their collection is a bit ‘lacking,’ but I’ve used the inter-library loan system to track down some great reads this year. By last count I’ve finished 15 books. Most of the recommendations come from bloggers I enjoy. Surprisingly, the last three reads have all centered around sibling relationships. With siblings and siblings-in-law near and far, I found the story lines poignant and painfully relevant. (Lord, are you trying to teach me something? I know you are.)  Without further ado, the books are: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom, The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg, and Crow Lake by Mary Lawson (a fantastic Canadian writer). I believe these were the first published works for all three authors. And now I implore them to continue writing!

How is this relevant for the post? Why, those are books in the background! It counts.

I’ve recently joined a book exchange.  You send one book to a child listed in the letter, send out new letters to six others, and eventually your child(ren) receives books as well.  I’m hoping the chain continues; we are looking forward to adding some new books to our collection!  Within our circle, there have been babies, babies and more babies born – what new mamma doesn’t want to add some new titles to the bookshelf?